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Victims included men, women, and kids, with about 80% of the recognized victims being women and women. A report by the United Nations Human Rights Council states that «women and ladies as younger as nine are being offered as slaves to ISIS soldiers who often beat them and rape them, re-sell them, and, if they attempt to escape, kill them».

According to scholar David Commins, «In 1957, Riyadh pronounced a ban on women driving.» As of 2012[update], women’s rights in Saudi Arabia were highly constrained in comparison to worldwide standards. This included their right to drive vehicles and other motor autos.In 2002, The Economist journal estimated that the salaries of the roughly 500,000 chauffeurs driving women in Saudi Arabia accounted for 1% of the national revenue.

Also the report found that refugees in camps in north-jap Syria have tripled this year. According to a Syrian struggle monitor, over 120 Churches have been broken or demolished by all sides in Syrian warfare since 2011. United Nations authorities have estimated that the struggle in Syria has caused destruction reaching to about $four hundred billion. In late 2019, as the violence intensifid in north-west Syria, hundreds of girls and youngsters were reportedly saved underneath «inhumane conditions» in a remote camp, mentioned UN-appointed investigators.


Goodwin discusses ‘gender apartheid’ in Saudi Arabia, unmasking a phenomenon that, she argues, has lengthy been thought of as a ‘personal drawback’ and revealing it to be a political issue that deserves consideration from the worldwide human rights group. Immediately following Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Saudi women launched a campaign for more rights. Forty-seven women drove illegally by way of Riyadh, in protest in opposition to the ban on driving. Activists introduced a petition to King Fahd requesting «fundamental legal and social rights.» Subsequently, a feminist leader was arrested and tortured.

They additionally favor to have their daughters dwelling in the identical nation as them – marrying them off to somebody from one other country would lower the chances of this, ought to they ever return to Syria. Indeed, some of the Syrian women refugees I spoke to mentioned that this stigmatization and harassment is making their husbands overly protecting, limiting their mobility. In some circumstances, ensuing household tensions appear to have led to home violence. Other Syrian women refugees I met in Za’atri camp – Jordan’s biggest refugee camp, hosting round 130,000 people – also talked about that some Jordanian men go to the camp on the lookout for brides.

In 2013, the common age at first marriage amongst Saudi females was 25 years. In 2017, King Salman ordered that women be allowed entry to authorities companies similar to schooling and healthcare with out the necessity for consent from a guardian.

Women and ladies in Syria are bearing the brunt of the disaster due to not receiving proper reproductive well being care and being at growing danger of gender-based mostly violence, according to the company. His warnings come as the UNFPA says it is gravely alarmed by the situation unravelling in northwestern Syria as we enter the 10th year of the disaster and hostilities carry on triggering mass displacements and harm to civilian providers sirian girls. Some 960,000 people are estimated to have been displaced since December, eighty per cent of whom are women and youngsters and roughly 25,000 are currently pregnant. “Gender-primarily based violence will increase when humanitarian crises turn into more difficult. Child marriage is becoming an financial coping technique for families so as not to have the burden of protecting their daughters.

Are Men Better Drivers Than Women?

These disparities in senior management are reflected across the political buildings of each faction. The Autonomous Administration’s structure mandates that elected bodies and political events, from the best ranges of the Administration to the smallest neighborhood commune, be made up of at least 40% women. Autonomous women’s organizations, like the Women’s Council of North and East Syria, exist in parallel to every mixed-gender establishment, making the percentage of girls actually serving in authorities barely greater than men. These institutions have the power to overrule and advise blended-gender establishments on issues of girls’s rights.

In response, MFA has been working with its healthcare companions on the ground in northern Syria to deal with the needs of Syrian women through our Women’s Relief Program.

«The Saudi authorities is saying one factor to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva however doing one other thing inside the dominion,» stated Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. Saudi interlocutors advised a UN investigator that international agreements carry little to no weight in Saudi courts. According to Riyadh businesswoman Hoda al-Geresi, the government has been gradual to implement a 2004 decision to increase employment and defend against abusive guardians.

Indeed, nearly all of Syrian singles need to find a man who would marry them. However, there are also thousands of gorgeous Syrian women who want serious relationships but usually are not ready to build a family.

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